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Supernatural entities may be more powerful than gods, although their powers tend to be specific and limited. They have duties and defined roles, and they are typically as old as the universe and eternal, unlike gods, who are here today and gone tomorrow , dependent on the beliefs of mortals. The main difference between The Gods and Anthropomorphic personifications is that Anthropomorphic personifications embody the said power, e.g. Time, whereas Gods simply use the powers usually to cause a bloody nuisance.

The Creators:

The Old High Ones:

The Gods

Please follow the link to see a list of the better-known gods of the Disc.

The Ice Giants


Anthropomorphic personifications:

  • Death, popular star of the Death series.
  • Famine, hath a lean and hungry look.
  • Pestilence, looks dirty, even sounds contagious.
  • War, a hearty type who would get to more battles if he weren't so henpecked.
  • Kaos, the fifth horseman who left before they got famous: now a dairyman.
  • Terror, and
  • Panic, sons of War.
  • Clancy, daughter of War
  • Time, formerly a beautiful, dark-haired woman, now succeeded by her son.
  • The Lady (also considered a God)
  • Fate (also considered a God)
  • Destiny (also considered a God)

Minor personifications:

  • The Cunning Man, the personification of rage, hatred and resentment towards witches, the force that drives witch-hunting;
  • Death of Rats, subcontractor to Death.
  • The Death of Fleas, One of the many other Deaths to appear in Reaper Man, but one of only two not to be re-absorbed into the greater Death at the book's end.
  • The Bogeyman, Personification of Fear.
  • The Wintersmith, concerned with seasonal death and renewal, personification of Winter.
  • Jack Frost, puts a pretty face on winter. Possibly a part of The Wintersmith.
  • Summer Lady, personification of Summer.
  • Agi Hammerthief, probably mythical mischievous spirit of the Dwarfs, personification of tricks.
  • Hogfather, perhaps a demigod, the remnant of an old god of winter pig-killing.
  • Old Man Trouble, the original Man of Constant Sorrow.
  • Sandman, probably a god; seems to be a recent creation

Fairies and marginal entities:

Creatures and Things of the Dungeon Dimensions:

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