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Name "War"
Race Anthropomorphic personification
Occupation Personification of War
Horseman of the Apocalypse
Physical appearance
Residence War's Longhouse
Relatives Mrs. War (spouse)
Children Terror (son)
Panic (son)
Clancy (daughter)
Marital Status Married
Books The Light Fantastic, Sourcery, Interesting Times, Thief of Time

War is an important anthropomorphic personification, and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocralypse. War appears to be a large, jolly man in red armor, with a huge sword, riding on a large red horse, with skulls around the saddle horn. As a Horseman, War has played obligatory roles in Sourcery and Thief of Time.

War lives in a longhouse, the type that is ideal for eternal carousing with dead warriors. However, War has married a retired Valkyrie, who has changed the house somewhat and chased out his "friends". War also stores his memory in his wife. War and Mrs. War have two sons, Terror and Panic, and a daughter, Clancy, who are introduced in Interesting Times.

The phenomenon of war may be most notably practiced by humans, but is also practiced between wild animals such as ants. Nevertheless, War the anthropomorphic personification has picked up a human-like personality, marrying and, as it were, getting soft, thinking that he has grown old and ill like a mortal old man.

Gods of War, as distinct divinities in their own right, are mentioned in Discworld Noir. It is unclear how demarcation operates here or what the exact professional relationship is. Perhaps they are local franchise-holders, in the way Scrofula and others have delegated for Death in times of great volume of business.