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A god mentioned in The Colour of Magic. Possibly an anthropomorphic personification. Different from Fate, Destiny sees to it that young heroes meet their heroic destiny, while Fate backs winners, those ‘fated to win’ and seem to have everything going for them.

It could be said that it was Destiny that brought Carrot, the true king of Ankh-Morpork to the city to work as a lowly watchman. However, due to free will, what happens is still the choice of the individual, and Carrot chose not to claim the throne, electing to do a good day’s work instead.

Destiny may also have had a hand in the lives of Tomjon, another lost king who chose not to take the throne, Lobsang Ludd of the Thieves Guild and Jeremy Clockson who achieved their destiny as the Son of Time. Also the musician Imp y Celyn pledged his life to music and swore that ‘he would be the most famous musician ever’ attracting the interest of Destiny, and underlining the saying ‘beware what you wish for, you may get it’.

People may not always survive their heroic destiny, but Destiny would say that is not it’s fault – Reg Shoe got to lead an heroic charge during the Glorious Revolution, but got a dozen arrows in his chest and lost his life as a result.

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