Verruca Gnome

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Verruca Gnome
Name Verruca Gnome
Race Supernatural entity
Occupation Supplier of verrucas
Physical appearance Small, with pointed ears. Wears bowler hat and carries a small sack.
Death Probably disappeared when the Hogfather was restored
Relatives Could technically be related to the various other entities called into being on that Hogswatchnight.
Marital Status
Books Hogfather

An entity mistakenly and entirely unexpectedly called into being by Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully during the events of Hogfather when there was a lot of extra belief sloshing around, needing to find outlets. Ridcully makes an offhand remark about how his grandfather had told him of the Verruca Gnome and there was a faint glingleglingleglingle noise. The Verruca Gnome then popped into small, unimpressed and malignant existence with his sack of foot warts, ready to dish them out to the unwarily barefoot.

His first word ever is recorded as being "Bugger!", a terrible first word by all accounts.

He appeared to have a list of victims, to whom he was to dish out verrucas. It is unknown where this list came from, as the Verruca Gnome specifically mentioned that "I've never heard of me until tonight, and I'm me".

Gets caught round the back of the head with a rolled up towel when Ridcully catches it creeping up on him in the newly-discovered bathroom at Unseen University.

Presumably popped back out of existence when normal belief in the Hogfather was resumed.