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The Light Fantastic
Cover art by Josh Kirby
Illustrator(s) Josh Kirby
Publisher Colin Smythe
Publication date May 1986
ISBN 0861402030
Pages 217
Main characters Rincewind, Twoflower, the Luggage
Series Rincewind Series
Annotations View
Notes Book #02
All data relates to the first UK edition.


As it moves towards a seemingly inevitable collision with a malevolent red star, the Discworld has only one possible saviour. Unfortunately, this happens to be the singularly inept and cowardly wizard called Rincewind, who was last seen falling off the edge of the world ....


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Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic
IMDB 1079959
First Broadcast 23-24 March 2008
Broadcast Channel Sky One
Director(s) Vadim Jean
Producer(s) Rod Brown & Ian Sharples
Writer(s) {{{writer}}}
Starring David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee (voice)
Duration 184 minutes
Episodes 2
Series Rincewind Series
Annotations Annotations for Book:The Light Fantastic
Preceded by Terry Pratchett's Hogfather
Followed by Terry Pratchett's Going Postal
All data relates to the UK home release.


The plot of 'The Light Fantastic' was the focus of the series second episode.


The TV adaptation also adds characters not referenced in the original book like Hector Tugelbend and Ransak Boggett, who are essentially "placeholder" characters added for completion who are referenced only once, with minimal information, and then disappear again.

Video Game

The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic were adapted into a text adventure video game The Colour of Magic in 1986.

Graphic Novel

The novel was adapted into a series of four comics illustrated by Steven Ross. These were then collected into a single edition in 1993 and then later in 2008 combined with the other collected edition based on The Colour of Magic into the omnibus The Discworld Graphic Novels The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic.

In 2008 The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic were reprinted together in a 25th anniversary edition with illustrations by Stephen Player.


Elements of the book were used in the playtext The Rince Cycle by Stephen Briggs in 2015.


First Edition Cover by Josh Kirby
Compact Edition 1995
Paperback 2004
Audio Cassette
Audio CD
US Cover 2005
US Cover 2013
Illustrated Edition by Stephen Player
Omnibus with TV Cover
Paperback 2012
Unseen Library Edition
Collectors Library Edition
Paperback 2022

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