Moon goddess

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The Venus of Willendorf

A generic deity, popular wherever the people see the moon and are advanced enough to tell the effect it has on tides or other natural phenomena. She might be guilty, as many gods are, of assuming disguises to manifest to various different peoples and thus maximise belief in her.

Thus, she may also be the Mother Goddess who was the subject of a brief but intense religious war in an Assassins' Guild dormitory (in Pyramids) between those who worshipped her in her aspect of the moon, and those who worshipped her in her aspect of a woman with a huge bum. Possibly a pun, since "moon" is a verb meaning "to show your bum".


Also, one type of early artistic representation found in Europe on Roundworld are the so-called "venus figurines" (roughly between 35000-11000BC), who depict women with a voluptuous female build. A famous example is a statuette discovered in Germany called the "Venus of Willendorf". This is a crude but compelling work, thought to be some tens of thousands of years old, clearly a female figure as it has obvious if rather abstract breasts - but the emphasis, which may reveal something about what was thought to be desirable in those days, is on extremely wide hips and an enormous bottom. The German Venus is thought to be a votive representation of - yes, a moon goddess.