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In The Last Hero, when the Silver Horde are making their cunning plan to infiltrate Dunmanifestin dressed as newly-arisen Gods, Boy Willie has to revise his plan of masquerading as The God of Being Sick. He has to settle for being The God Of Being Sick Again, for the very good reason that there is already a Goddess of Vomiting on the Disc who presumably has a finger-hold in Dunmanifestin. (the fingers are presumably holding on, tenuously, to the rim of the toilet bowl). This is Our Lady Vomita. The reader is spared further details. It is possible that she is an Oh Goddess in much the same way Bilious relates to Bibulous. no deity is named whose principal sphere of interest is eating, drinking and digestion, unless doing so to excess is a function of Bibulous. (Making Vomita into a sister of Bilious?) But it's wise not to assume. After all, there is Cloacina, whose purview involves what you hope is the safe, normal and pain-free passage through the system at the other end. Is Vomita therefore the Oh-Goddess counterpart of Cloacina?