Shawn Ogg

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Shawn Ogg
Name Shawn Ogg
Race Human
Age young
Occupation Multitasker at Lancre Castle
Physical appearance short, shabby
Residence Lancre Town
Parents Gytha Ogg, the very late Sobriety Ogg
Relatives the whole Ogg clan, including brother Jason Ogg and thirteen other confirmed siblings.
Marital Status
Books Wyrd Sisters, Lords and Ladies, Carpe Jugulum
Cameos Wintersmith

The youngest of Nanny Ogg's children, Shawn Ogg works in Lancre Castle. Depending on the time of day and week, he is:

  • Captain of the guard
  • The rest of the guard
  • Commander-in-chief of the army
  • Herald
  • Royal historian
  • Assistant butler
  • Conductor of the Lancre Light Symphony Orchestra
  • Postman
  • Master of all the dirty jobs, particularly the cleaning of the privies

He is a short man, who has guarded the castle for all of his working life. Due to the dull days (Lancre is not a place likely to be invaded by any barbarian hordes) and an unusually repetitive diet of cabbage, Shawn is not only extremely self-reliant, but also musically flatulent.

Sobriety Ogg is accepted (at least in public) to be the father of Shawn Ogg, and nobody stops to consider the inconvenient fact that Sobriety died a good ten years before Shawn's birth... then again, if a witch was doing the telling, then it must be right... only ignorant outsiders would raise this point, and are generally hushed up. That being the case, there is no consensus about who his father is.

Shawn is the creator of the Lancrastian Army Knife, a slim device full of all those useful little things for soldiers in the field, like nose-hair tweezers.