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For the zombie please see Reg Shoe

The god of club musicians. He was supposed to show up to watch over Imp-y-Celyn during his band's first gig, but was unfortunately otherwise engaged. A pity, because if he had been looking over Imp, then the latter may not have been supposed to die but been saved, letting loose all kinds of mayhem with the Music With Rocks In...

Reg might project the sort of seedy, down-at-heel desperation of a musician who has either i) briefly achieved the big time but is no longer able to hang onto it; or ii) suspects after twenty or thirty years he's never really going to be a big star. Somehow, Reg must be a keyboard player. Nothing else feels appropriate.


I discovered a video of one of my favourite bands when they had just started to slide back into obscurity after a few years at the top.
The full video is at [1]. It's a corker of a song with a sinisterly inept video to accompany it...