Klatch (continent)

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See also the nation Klatch located in the continent.

Klatch is actually a part of the same land mass as the main continent but is often considered a separate continent. The stereotypical view of Klatch by the average Ankh-Morporkian is a huge, barren, baking land of sand, desert, camels, and figs. In actuality, Klatch the continent also contains jungles such as those in Howondaland. The Klatchian continent is geologically contiguous to the main continent on which Sto Plains can be found, but the people on the Sto Plains like to consider Klatch a separate continent, much as Europe and Asia on Roundworld are named as separate continents. The Circle Sea is found between the Klatchian continent and the main continent.

Countries in Klatch

Major appearances in the books

Discussed in detail in The Compleat Discworld Atlas