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The Hub is the name given to the area at the centre of the Discworld; it is a cold region, receiving the least amount of sun, rising above sea level and becoming more and more mountainous as one nears the exact centre of the Disc, the mountain of Cori Celesti, home of the gods. The Hublights or aurora corealis are the equivalent of both the Roundworld aurora borealis and aurora australis. In Carpe Jugulum Granny Weatherwax refers to a myth which states that the lights are caused by a phoenix flying over the hub, to which Mightily Oats replies that the myth is silly superstition and they are of course caused by magic.

The Ice Giants are buried under the Hub, after losing a battle with the gods.

Hubwards, meaning towards the Hub, is one of the four cardinal directions of the Discworld compass. The opposite of Hubwards is Rimwards.

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