God of Indigestion

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The God of Indigestion is one of several small gods and other fantastic creatures which appeared during the events of Hogfather, as a result of the presence of large quantities of spare belief which were freed up due to lack of belief in the Hogfather. His actual name, if he had one, is unknown. He appeared as a large, fat man wearing a toga and sandals.

After Mustrum Ridcully, in a fit of annoyance about the creatures that had already appeared that night, suggested the possibility that some idiot would call a God of Indigestion into being, he materialized in the dining room of Unseen University, landing with a crash in a huge centerpiece of fruit in the middle of a laden table. Susan Sto Helit and Bilious helped him to his feet, upon which he requested a glass of water and a charcoal biscuit while staggering to the nearest privy.

He presumably disappeared again after belief in the Hogfather was restored, although, given that Gods seldom if ever truly die, he has probably gone back to existing in potentia after his brief and rather ill-fated incarnation.