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The messenger of the gods of the Discworld, possibly also the god of messages. The old golden statue with wingèd hat, wingèd sandals, and other wings in the Ankh-Morpork Post Office possibly depicted Fedecks (see Going Postal). Fedecks never personally appears in the Discworld novels; the closest to a physical manifestation takes place in Small Gods, when a group of atheist(?) Philosophers declare their faith to various gods to avoid being smitten. Fedecks sent his warning in the form of an arrow. Fedecks is also mentioned by Lewton in the game Discworld Noir when he watches some statues at the Temple of Small Gods.


Fedecks's name is a parody of Roundworld's FedEx (Federal Express), a delivery company. Also on Roundworld, the Roman messenger god's name, Mercury, is related to the Latin word merx meaning "merchandise". Fedecks has essentially the same aspects as Mercury wearing winged shoes, talaria and a winged petasos.