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Mentioned in Pyramids, Cephut is Djelibeybi's God of Cutlery. His chief priest was one of the first victims when the gods began to walk in Djelibeybi.

He appears in a cameo role in the computer game Discworld Noir, arguing an issue of demarcation with eighty-odd War Gods. Cephut argues that the legendary and prestigious Tsortese Falchion is his, right, because if you look at it logically, it isn't s sword at all, right, it's a bloody big knife, and who's the God of Cutlery around these parts? Thank you, friend, and from cutlery it isn't too long a trade step to swordsmithing, right, it's just a matter of scale and purpose, innit, and what do you think cutlers do in time of war to earn a honest crust? And who do they pray to? Give that God a coconut!

etcetera, etcetera.