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The Ultimate Discworld Companion
Co-author(s) Stephen Briggs
Illustrator(s) Paul Kidby
Publisher Victor Gollancz
Publication date 11 November 2021
ISBN 9781473223516
Pages 448
Main characters
Series Discworld Series
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All data relates to the first UK edition.

A new (and final?) update to the guide to all things Discworld. It was first rumoured in March 2021, under the possible title of "The Absolute Discworld Companion", but was confirmed in May under this title. As well as expanding the book to include all the novels and short stories, it features three hundred illustrations by Paul Kidby, including forty-one new drawings for this edition. The special "Dunmanifestin Edition", to be published in April 2022, features expanded entries, including information covering the events of The Science of Discworld series, and more illustrations exclusive to that edition.


The absolute, comprehensive, from Tiffany Aching to Jack Zweiblumen guide to all things Discworld, fully illustrated by Paul Kidby.

The Discworld, as everyone knows, is a flat world balanced on the back of four elephants which, in turn, stand on the shell of the giant star turtle, the Great A'Tuin, as it slowly swims through space.

It is also the global publishing phenomenon with sales of over 70 million books worldwide (but who’s counting?). There’s an awful lot of Discworld to keep track of. But fear not! Help is at hand. For the very first time, everything (and we mean everything) you could possibly want to know has been crammed into one place.

If you need a handy guide to locales from Ankh-Morpork to Zemphis...
If you can’t tell your Achmed the Mads from your Jack Zweiblumens...
If your life depends on distinguishing between the Agatean Empire and the Zoons...

Look no further. Compiled and perfected by Stephen Briggs, the man behind The Ultimate Discworld Companion‘s predecessor Turtle Recall, this is your ultimate guide to Sir Terry Pratchett’s beloved fantasy world.

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The Dunmanifestin Edition

On the 16th of September 2021, Dunmanifestin Ltd announced they would publish a limited "Dunmanifestin Edition" of The Ultimate Discworld Companion, featuring "expanded entries and information covering the events of The Science of Discworld series, additional full-colour artwork, and exclusive brand-new illustrations." It will also be "bound in a foil-embossed cover and presented in a matching presentation slipcase", and pre-orders also come with extra exclusive artwork by Paul Kidby. It was originally scheduled for 28 April, 2022, but the company later announced via pre-order outlets that this edition had been delayed due to "supply issues and COVID complications", including a shortage in paper. The book was rescheduled for the 27th of October, 2022. Paul Kidby used the time to create additional artwork for the book.[1]


Dunmanifestin Edition