Bear Mountain

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Mentioned in Witches Abroad, this is a "bare" mountain in Lancre, not a mountain with bears. Locals derive a great deal of profitable confusion from the homonym, selling a host of bear-related tourist tchotchkes and tolerantly parting the occasional hunter from his cash via taverns and inns and any amount of people willing to be paid to be beaters and trackers.

In Witches Abroad the senior witches in the Ramtops; Nanny Ogg, Old Mother Dismass, Gammer Brevis & Granny Weatherwax meet here to discuss the troubling issues of the declining numbers of witches. This is a concern made more pressing by one of their number, Desiderata Hollow, having given her apologies for not attending 'on account of being dead'.


Cf. Mussorgski's bleak and very Russian orchestral tone poem Night on a Bare Mountain.