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Anu-anu is a god shaped like a werewolf that appears as a character in the computer game Discworld Noir. Originally worshipped in Klatch, where a temple dedicated to him still exists in Al-Khali. During the events of the game he has been reduced to small god status, physically reducing him to the form of a small dog, but his religion still existed in Überwald amongst werewolf clans. One of the proponents of the religion of Anu-anu was Ulrich von Überwald whose wife Carlotta helped to found a chapter in Ankh-Morpork.

He and a cult named the Cult of Anu-anu plan to summon Nylonathatep by orchestrating eight murders in specific places of Ankh-Morpork. This plot is done with the goal of Anu-anu defeating the dark god using the Tsortese Falchion and ascending to a new status as one of the greatest gods on the Discworld. While the entire group is in charge of planning the murders, Anu-anu is the one who actually commits them. Later they summon Nylonathatep in an underground altar under The Dysk Theatre, but something unexpected makes them lose control of Nylonathathep and it wounds Anu-anu. Carlotta von Überwald stays with him taking care of his wounds and takes him somewhere else, but he is never seen again.

In the game Anu-anu can be encountered in his dog form outside the Guild of Archaeologists, Antiquarians and Tomb Evacuators and in Wizards' Pleasaunce.