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Goddess of wisdom among the Discworld gods. She is supposed to carry an owl, but once upon a time a sculptor rather bad at the task made a sculpture of Patina carrying a penguin. Since belief shapes the god, and so many worshippers have seen the sculpture with the penguin, Patina now has to carry a penguin. Which is a shame, because the penguin is a very confused bird that thinks of itself as a fish (see Small Gods). Leonard of Quirm makes reference to this in Jingo when he is trying to explain the principles underlying the Boat : he explicitly refers to the fish-like motion of the penguin when swimming underwater. Alas, this only serves to confuse Nobby Nobbs and Fred Colon. Patina has not yet made a personal appearance in the Discworld chronicles (although the penguin has). Her name is a parody of the Greek goddess 'Athena', also known as 'Pallas', who was also associated with owls.