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A mythic troll hero figure of dubious position. A parody of Prometheus, he first wrested the secret of rocks from the gods (the secret being that you can hit someone with one). Even though the famous human "Fingers" Mazda (the Thief of Fire) is usually credited with being the Disc's first thief, Monolith probably predates him considerably ("Troll gods were hitting one another with clubs ten thousand years before we'd even stopped trying to eat rocks" ~Samuel Vimes, Men at Arms). Perhaps this is because Monolith fought for the secret rather than steal it.

He is mentioned in Moving Pictures. In Feet of Clay, however, statues of Monolith are referred to as "troll religious statues", indicating that he is also some kind of demigod or similar. Chalky the troll ran a workshop mass producing the statues, suspected by the Watch of being used to smuggle troll drugs out of the city. Their suspicions were first aroused when Chalky register his company as the 'The Hollow Statue Export Company'.